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Pain Relieve Clinic

The priority goal of the Hospice and the whole Foundation is to relieve the pain. We want to help not only oncological patients but also others. The pain impairs the mood, brings unimaginable suffering and makes normal functioning impossible. As a physiological symptom it is needed only as a signal of alterations in the human body- makes people concerned about their health, many times makes them to visit a doctor, do the check-up and find a reason. When it becomes chronic and we are not able to cure the causing disease it brings only unnecessary suffering. Therefore, in compliance with the WHO directives, it should be considered not only as a symptom, but as an element of the disease that demands precise diagnosis and treatment.

Pain management implies complex approach to problems of the patient. Especially in case of the chronic, pressing and recurring pain, that accompanies some terminal diseases or remains after treating the disease (like after some neurosurgical procedures, cancer or diabetes ). Such an approach means not only guaranteeing access to basic pharmacological treatment, but also specialist pain relieve treatment, physiotherapy and psychological support.

According to this concept, the Pain Relieve Clinic has been funded in the Oncologic Hospice Foundation.

Currently, outpatients are offered pharmacological treatment and psychological support. However, such a scope of services does not guarantee complex care, which may decrease the quality of the pain relieve treatment. The Foundation has at disposal qualified staff, with an experience in all analgesic procedures, as well as physiotherapists, but their skills cannot be taken of full advantage because of the lack of necessary equipment. It is a loss for patients, but it also limits possibilities of development for the Clinic and increasing skills by the staff.

Solution to this situation is outfitting the Clinic with the equipment necessary for non-invasive analgesic medical procedures, such as: nerve blocades, termolesions stimulation of nerves, etc. The following medical devices are required: X-ray machine with the C arm and USG scanner for precise localization of the source of pain, termolesion device and auxiliary equipment for certain procedures (operation table, couches, single-use materials and tools). The estimates costs of such equipment amounts not less than 100.000 PLN.

Fully equipped pain-relieving clinic may not only provide access to the excellent pain-relive treatment, but may also become the source of income – in case of the Foundation – to be allowed for the better patient care. Thanks to the common undertaking of the OHF and the Double Challenge Fund a modern medical unit will be able to offer an effective treatment, also for the patients of the Hospice.

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