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Become the Investor!

Investor is an empathetic person, who cares about the community and country he/she lives in.   

You can achieve a lot on your own; however, there are challenges we have to take together.

For over twenty years we have been building social capital in Poland. We know problems bothering major social initiatives. We have a group of experts able to solve them.  


Due to your investment into the Fund you join the group of people who make ideas like: social solidarity, responsibility or dignity, present and implemented within concrete, long-term activities.


We need contemporary patriots, ready to invests their resources into building social values. Will you join us? 

Why is the Fund worth investing?

  • The purpose of the Fund is to save and support valuable social initiatives.

  • We convince people that social investments bring measurable profits.

  • We give confidence and we give back the meaning of community involvement through venture philanthropy and  impact investing.  

  • We support creative, entrepreneurial organizations and leaders determined to build sustainable model of organizations, based on social capital and innovativeness. 

  • We combine energy of social leaders, volunteers and businesspeople.

The Fund is based on independent resources, free from political and business purposes
and influences.  

Will that investment pay back?

  • The Double Challenge Fund benefits in two ways: business and community. 

  • The most important benefit is, however, a satisfaction on our joint success in enabling important social initiatives to take concrete steps towards financial sustainability and stability. 

Courage and taking challenges are characteristic
for the Double Challenge Fund investors! 

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